Insight. Wit. Attitude.

For more than 30 years Karl has contributed true thought leadership to the practical understanding of brand. Starting in 1998 with the breakthrough article, Brand Stewardship published by the Design Management Institute, Karl introduced a broad set of businesses to the fundamental practices of organizational brand management. Karl’s leadership on establishing a set of retailer brand management practices helped large-format retailers to create a breakthrough in merchandising strategies. 


In 2002 his book, Be Your Own Brand,  was the first book to introduce the concept of personal brand. Be Your Own Brand empowered individuals to use a practical framework of personal brand management to more effectively manage their career development. Shortly after, Karl pioneered the concept of internal brand building, a powerful innovation in brand building. His innovative internal brand alignment framework, aligning employees’ personal brands with an organization’s brand values, is being used by organizations around the world to create breakthrough brand-building power. 


Karl’s personal brand promise of “Insight. Wit. Attitude.” describes his authentic approach to helping businesses, non-profits, and individuals use the practical power of brand to create more value in all their relationships. 

Executive Brand Consultant

Karl D. Speak is a global expert known for his experience and abilities to work with leadership teams to improve an organization’s brand management competency. Karl’s innovative work on corporate brand strategy, personal brand and internal brand building has been implemented in companies around the world.  His best selling book, Be Your Own Brand, is translated into 12 languages and has sold over 90,000 copies.

Internal Brand Building Thought Leader

Karl’s passion for internal brand building started more than 15 years ago. Beyond being a recognized thought leader, Karl has led the implementation of his innovative Power of Brand Alignment internal brand-building framework with a large number of global clients. Unlike many internal communications-based programs, the programs using the Power of Brand Alignment framework create sustainable cultural change and alignment accountable to growing a strong corporate brand. 


Karl’s thought leadership in internal brand building was instrumental in helping establish the important “brand inside/brand outside” duality that has now become accepted as a fundamental principle in corporate brand building. The acceptance of the brand building “80/20” rule has elevated the importance of cultural alignment as the primary force in building a strong corporate brand. This new perspective also extended brand building beyond the marketing department to become a collaborative effort involving HR professionals and ultimately becoming an integral part of leadership development programs.


Karl’s ideas on internal brand building have been reported in many national and global media outlets. In addition, for more than 10 years Karl has been a sought-after speaker at industry conferences, presenting his thought leading concepts and reporting on the results of the many successful implementations of internal brand-building programs.

Karl D. Speak

Experienced Speaker

Experiencing Karl’s high energy and passion for his subject matter, it would be easy to forget he’s been presenting to groups for more than 25 years. Karl’s presentation style is authentic, not formulaic; filled with real stories, not hyperbole; practical based upon over three decades of getting his hands dirty doing the real work, not theoretical; and highly engaging because he really likes interacting with people and believes that an active audience makes presentations more interesting. 


Whether you need to get a group of 1,500 employees excited about your company’s brand or new brand position; or rev-up 500 salespeople to use their personal brands to breakthrough a daunting revenue goal; or get 15 senior executives engaged and enthused about building a stronger brand — Karl’s your person!


One of the things that separates Karl from other speakers on the topic of brand is his uncanny ability to make the topic of brand come alive for any audience. Karl doesn’t use marketing-ese or stuffy theories about brand in his presentations. He’s an expert at making brand relevant to a highly diverse set of audiences, the less audience members know or care about marketing, the better! Karl has made brand relevant to individuals across a whole range of professions and cross-functional teams in any and every industry, profit and non-profit. After 25 years of experience Karl has learned how to create the important “aha moments” that make brand relevant to all types of individuals and making it fun to learn along the way!

Personal Brand

Everyone has a brand and anyone can be a strong brand. It doesn’t involve changing your personality and you can be an introvert or an extrovert. The difference between one personal brand and another is that the person with a strong brand utilizes his or her special qualities to make a difference in the lives of others. Using one’s values and distinctive qualities to make a difference for others is the core ethos of a strong, thriving personal brand.


Using marketing techniques to create a high profile for oneself is not the point and won’t make you a stronger brand. When you make a discernible difference in the life of another, you make a lasting impression and your brand receives credit—a deposit in the “trust bank.” Every meaningful impression adds more “credits” that build toward the establishment of a trusting relationship. Since the ability to build trusting relationships is a key component of professional and personal success, people with strong personal brands are able to achieve more of what they want by being more of who they are.